Carne Mechada, Chilean and Latin American tradition

You may have heard of Cuba’s famous shredded beef dish, Ropa Vieja. Literally translated “old clothes,” the dish is much more appetizing than the name would lead you to believe. Also you might know it as “Carnitas” in other Latin American countries, but in Chile, we have a very similar dish that goes by the name of “Carne Mechada”.

The Carne Mechada Chilean-style, is a shredded beef slowed cooked dish, nowadays people is using Chicken and pork on their recipes. Is a popular dish found in basically all Latin America cuisine. Is meat slowly with onions, broth, and all kinds of delicious ingredients and later shredded.

Mechada is made in many different ways. Again, each country has its own take of this, and it can be cooked using a slow cooker, stove, and baked. Can be even use a pressure cooker such as an Instant Pot to make it.

In Chile is served as a sandwich filling (with tomato and avocado), as a main course with smashed potatoes or rice and side salad, and in Venezuela is served with arepas, and also with Pupusas.

At Bacán Café you can try this tradicional and authentic Chilean recipe of Carne mechada on Sandwich with Sopaipillas, Tacos, Quesadillas and Empanadas, the result is really delicious!.

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